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    El samurái sin nombre

Sword of the Stranger /
El samurái sin nombre

Sword of the Stranger /<br />
El samurái sin nombre

Looking on the internet for news about the author of this beautiful cartoon, the first Masahiro Andô that appears is not the film director but a Japanese footballer with the same name who played defence and clearly made the national team. When we find the Andô we are after we discover that he has worked on “Canaan”, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and Metropolis. Andô burst on to the scene as an incredible creator of atmospheres, surroundings, perceptions and characters in this exquisite cartoon that tells the story of a solitary redheaded samurai, a blond haired, blue eyed Chinese warrior, a child whose blood holds the secret of immortality and a courageous dog. The narration is extremely subtle in its movements, not only cinematographically but also in the sword choreography and the physical and philosophical comings and goings.

Sutorenjia: Mukô hadan
Japón, 2007
Dirección: Masahiro Andô
Producción: Masahiko Minami / Bones
Guión: Fumihiko Katayama
Fotografía: Yohei Miyahara
Dirección de animación: Yoshiyuki Ito
Música: Naoki Sato
Duración: 102 minutos
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