Dead End
(2002). Jean-Baptiste Andréa, Fabrice Canepa.
Francia-Estados Unidos. 90 minutos
Tra la la, tra la li, mummy, daddy, my little brother and myself are travelling by car to a party of the kind at which, we suppose, we suppose, we suppose, the whole family has to be very, very close together. Tra la la, tra la li, we’ve taken a wrong turning. Our hysterical mother is getting nervous and daddy, well, better not even mention daddy because, to top things off, we’ve not only taken a wrong turning. The thing is that we’ve taken one of those roads with no way out. Things are sure to start happening now... I said it earlier. There’s a black car, very black. And there’s a woman, stopped, dressed in white. And now it turns out that we’ll die one at a time. Oh great. And all because we’re the stars of a boring film with a deep dislike for the family institution, that and the next thing. Oh great.