Berni Wrightson

Wrightson:  Master of Terror
A living legend of comic history and key player of the genre during the 70's and 80's, Bernie Wrightson (Baltimore, 1948) is unanimously considered the master of terror and the macabre. He has succeeded in the most important editorials, from DC Comics, with his eternal Swamp Thing or Batman the Cult, even his view of Marvel heroes (Punisher, Spiderman, etc.), without forgetting the horrific short stories and illustrations that he did for Creepy or Heavy Metal covers. Along with titles such as Creepshow, Freak Show or Capitán Stern, without a doubt, his masterpiece was the final version he did of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, even though he has recreated other authors just as well, such as Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen King.  Proof of his wealth of artistic experience are the designs he has created for full-length films such as Spiderman or The Ghost Busters and countless covers such as the classic LP "Dead Ringer".



Paco Alcazar

Paco Alcázar: I Did It!
Paco Alcázar (Cádiz, 1970) began his ever changing and easily influenced comic career drawing sinister comic strips that focused on dirty gore, morbid sex and flesh mutation. Odes to hilarious dismemberments and black, sharp and ironic humour that is reflected in works such as The Lovesucks Experience, Escarba, escarba or Moho.

From his beginnings, Alcázar has perfected his graphics considerably, always true to his spirit, never abandoning his fans, letting his personal and unchangeable universe where demented, inept and desperate characters run free. The apparent simplicity of Alcázar’s drawings contrasts with the twisted subjects that he deals with. The disturbing tone of his perturbing vignettes are reflected in works such as Todo está perdido, Porque te gusta and the recent Mecanismo blanco and Silvio José series.



Euskadi Fantástico II

Euskadi Fantástico II: Juan Luis Landa and Marko Armspach

This year, in the series of exhibitions christened Euskadi Fantástico, focuses on two Basque authors of known prestige whose work is praised both inside and outside the Basque country.

On one hand, Juan Luis Landa, from Renteria, apart from having published various comic books in France and Spain and being a collaborator of Ipurbeltz and Xabiroi, is very well known for his illustrations of mythology and witches, both books written by Toti Martinez de Lezea.

On the other hand, Marco Armspach from Ustaritz has published various comic books in France and the Basque Country; he has received several awards for his Gartxot comic and usually collaborates in magazines such as Ipurbeltz and Xabiroi.

Both authors, each having their own very personal style of drawing, represent a generation of Basque comic book artists that have reached notable professional success, whose works have been translated into other languages such as Italian, English, German, etc…


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