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Bloody Hands / Veriset kädet

Bloody Hands / Veriset kädet


This is the story of revenge. A man goes to the confessionary of a church alhough he does not wish to be cleansed of his sins, but forgiven for something in his past. He does not need spiritual help or pardoning from a priest on the other side of the curtain, but he would like his soul back. However, this is not so easy because “bloody hands are never clean.” Directed by the Finn Tomi Malkki, called Malakias like the prophet, fan of heavy metal (he has directed several music videos for the group Sweetmaster), horror movies and swimming in icy water. Bristol Onslaught’s trash metal group provide the soundtrack (Flame of the Antichrist) for this short film on redemption, cleaning with blood and religion.

Finlandia, 2009
Dirección: Malakias
Producción: Malakias
Guión: Malakias
Animación: Malakias
Música: Onslaught
Montaje: Malakias
Duración: 6 minutos
Tomi Malkki “Malakias”
Tf.: 35 84 05 84 37 59

2009 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
Donostia Kultura. Teatro Victoria Eugenia. Reina Regente 8, 4. 20003 Donostia - San Sebastián
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