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Número 9

Número 9

In 2005 Shane Acker, student at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at UCLA, presented for his final project a short film lasting 11 minutes called 9 about a rag doll that survived in a post-apocalyptic world and was hunted by a metal cat. Before the Sundance Festival honoured it and before it became a candidate for the Best Animated Short Oscar, it was seen by the author of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton, who decided to make a feature film out of it without changing the topic or the main character. We have the result right here. The galaxy’s blogs are burning with desire. It was released on the ideal date in the States, 9-9-9, and E-Bay is auctioning off the magnificent Russian poster of the film, the first seen this side of the Milky Way. In its original language version we can hear the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau and Christopher Plumer.

Estados Unidos, 2009
Dirección: Shane Acker
Producción: Jim Lemley, Tim Burton, Tinur Bekmambetov, Dana Ginsburg
Guión: Pamela Pettler
Fotografía: Kevin R. Adams
Música: Deborah Lurie
Canciones: Danny Elfman
Montaje: Nick Kenway
Duración: 79 minutos
Universal Pictures Spain
Tf.: 91 522 72 61


2009 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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