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The Box

The Box

All hail the author of the story Button, Button which is the basis of this movie played by Cameron Díaz (whatever she does she’ll still be our girl from The Mask and There’s Something About Mary), with a soundtrack composed by the indie rock group Arcade Fire and wardrobe by the lady who dressed Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Richard Matheson (yup, him, from I am legend) wrote this fable-parable about a box with a button. Just that? No, when you press it a million dollars appears but at the same time, somewhere on the planet, someone you don’t know... dies. How many times would you press the button? Directed by Richard Kelly, who won independent cinema glory with his Donnie Darko and the actors include Frank Langella. In the USA the film is prohibited for anyone under 13 due to its “disturbing images”.

Estados Unidos, 2009
Dirección: Richard Kelly
Producción: Richard Kelly,
Dan Lin, Sean McKittrick / Darko Entertainment
Guión: Richard Kelly, basado en el relato Botón, botón, de Richard Matheson
Fotografía: Steven Poster
Música: Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Owen Pallett
Montaje: Sam Bauer
Intérpretes: Cameron Díaz, James Marsden,
Frank Langella,
Michael Zegen, Gillian Jacobs
Duración: 115 minutos
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