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The drawings in this exhibition by Isabel Mancebo Balda (that can be viewed in the Príncipe cinema in San Sebastian until 5th December) have been put together into a book. 47 and a half women, accompanied by different animals and objects, peculiar, fun and a little bit sinister, star in these pages full of humour, fashion, extravagance and affection.



La bestia en la pantalla. Aleister Crowley y el cine fantástico

Libro terror

Hedonist, magician, spy, adventurer, pioneer of psychedelic drugs, poet and fan of the dark arts, there can be no doubt that Crowley was a great influence on horror and fantasy cinema. His legendary figure inspired classics such as The Black Cat (1934) or Night of the Demon (1957), from silent movies to the Hammer and beyond, although maybe the most fascinating aspect is how his occult philosophy and magical rituals have been echoed in the work of filmmakers such as Albin Grau, Kenneth Anger, Orson Welles, Jodorowsky… The display is accompanied by the publication of this book coordinated by Jesús Palacios.

2000 Maníacos

2000 maniacos

A special issue of the fanzine jointly produced with the Horror Festival pays homage to the picture show films of the 1970s: amazing double features that were never short of monsters, zombies, stripping off, scruffy superheroes, vicious nuns, one arm karate experts and B movie comic strip antics. This is an entire popular cinema feast that will take your breath away and lead you on a hallucinogenic journey to craziest grindhouse.



La leyenda de los pueblos olvidados
Carros de Foc

Metal hurlant

Many years ago there was a place where villages fought each other. Rival tribes were capable of creating immense contraptions just to beat their enemies and time stopped the day that two of them came up against each other. This is a fantastic, spectacular medieval story that tells of the birth of the Legend of the Forgotten Villages.



Mikel Azpiroz & Hasier Oleaga

Mikel Azpiroz & Hasier Oleaga

Mikel Azpiroz and Hasier Oleaga will offer live musical accompaniment for Nosferatu (1921), the classic by F. W. Murnau. They will play a soundtrack designed for the occasion, far from what you might expect for a horror film, with a jazz-funk feel.

Mikel Azpiroz (Hammond B3 organ). Musician from San Sebastian with a long experience with the keyboards. Now he leads and coordinates the band Elkano Browning Cream. He was member of Blues Stop, Lau Behi and Parafünk and he has collaborated with, among others, Gari, Fermin Muguruza and the Australians The Waifs.

Hasier Oleaga (Drums). Born in Bilbao, he lives now betwen San Sebastian and Barcelona. He is a very demanded musician that has participated or participates in several projects with people like Ruper Ordorika, Mikel Laboa or Iñaki Salvador.

2nd Board Game Session


For the second year running, the Okendo Cultural Centre is getting ready to host these Board Game Sessions. Come and play a few of the most entertaining and fun fantasy and horror games. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, we’ll explain.

Do you dare to be more than just a spectator?


Armageddon comic generación x

Donostia Zombie Walk

November 5 (19:00)

Mikel Azpiroz & Hasier Oleaga

Dress up as the living dead and join us on the first zombie march through San Sebastián.

Rip your clothes, let your cannibal spirit loose and drag your feet through the streets.

The zombie invasion has begun: come and join us! And if you haven’t got anyone to do your make up, come to the HRP San Sebastián stand.

Leaving from the Quiosco del Boulevard and organised by the Euskal Okela project, “We want to make the first Basque zombie film”.

Look for us on Facebook.


Make-up Exhibition

The specialist make-up company HRP San Sebastián will be exhibiting their work in the Teatro Principal during the Festival.



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