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The Midge

The Midge


Two young people in the woods... a classic start for a horror film. We have a city girl and an inexperienced country boy. He can’t think about anything else except her and about what will happen after they swim in the river. It’s just them, a tent, the sounds of nature, blood pumping, hormones knocking on the door... but not just hormones. The woods are home to other inhabitants. Not only psychopaths and unscrupulous murderers lie in wait among the tree trunks. Scotland’s Rory Lowe, one of the creators of the Once Were Farmers animation company, directs this short film on fear: of nature, of growing up, of yourself...

Reino Unido, 2010
Dirección: Rory Lowe
Producción: Rory Lowe, Sam Burton, Will Adams, Julia Caithness, J. J. Lowe / Once Were Farmers, Screen East, UK Council
Guión: J. J. Lowe
Fotografía: Bob Williams, Joe Bullen, Kevin Bell
Música: Jamie Smith
Montaje: Gary Forester
Intérpretes: Amy Michaels, Sean Hart
Duración: 11 minutos
Rory Lowe

2010 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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