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Tous les hommes s’appellent Robert

Tous les hommes s’appellent Robert


A man is running naked and petrified through the woods, like the devil is after his soul, some might say. A woman’s voice calls him, time and again, like a mermaid trying to bring him to her to finish him off. The last shot sounded very close. Who is this woman calling him? And, more importantly, who are these men that are after him? Directed by Marc-Henri Boulier, from the northern French city of Arras (in the Department of Pas de Calais) who tells the story that when he was three years old, he watched King Kong with his parents and informed them that he wanted to do that too.

Francia, 2010
Dirección: Marc-Henri Boulier
Producción: Anaïs Bertrand, Rudolph Falaise / Insolence Productions, R!Stone Productions
Guión: Marc-Henri Boulier
Fotografía: Stéphane Degnieau
Música: Jérôme Gaillard
Montaje: Marc-Henri Boulier, Laurent Depla
Intérpretes: Gwenaël Przydatek, Jean-François Picotin, Thomas Baelde, Alexis Samailovitch,
Duración: 6 minutos
Insolence Productions

2010 - Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror. Unidad de Cine.
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