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  • Les nuits rouges du bourreau de jade / Red Nights

Les nuits rouges du bourreau de jade / Red Nights

Les nuits rouges du bourreau de jade / Red Nights

Fabulous because it’s impossible but in the end successful venomous mixture of Italian giallo and typical films from double feature cinemas in Hong Kong, wu xia pian. Without mentioning a touch of up-to-date Cantonese opera, Japanese genre films made in the 1960s and high voltage eroticism that is already throbbing in the opening scenes, featuring a lover covered in strips of beautiful, swollen grey latex. In order to round off this impossible defeat, all we need is an old legend, that of the executioner that held the secret to a weapon that was a lethal as it was pleasurable: he used a poison that killed you stone dead but at the same time gave you a moment of maximum and extreme ecstasy. Exquisite in its takes on visual decisions and fatuous in its production design, Sade and Sacher-Masoch would smile in their graves just to think that this film exists.

Hong Kong-Francia, 2009
Dirección: Julien Carbon, Laurent Courtiaud
Producción: Ada Wu, Alexis Dantec, Kit Wong, Patrick Quinet, Philippe Carcassonne / Red East Pictures, The French Connection
Guión: Julien Carbon, Laurent Courtiaud
Fotografía: Ng Man-ching
Música: Sébastien Prangère
Montaje: Colin Goudie
Intérpretes: Frédérique Bel, Carrie Ng, Carole Brana, Stephen Wong, Jack Kao
Duración: 98 minutos
Films Distribution
Tf.: 33 1 53 10 33 99


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