Evangelion 2.22


  • november 9 / 19:00 / C.C. Okendo

Evangerion shin gekijôban: Ha

Japan, 2009

  • Direction: Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masayuki
  • Production: Khara
  • Screenplay: Hideaki Anno
  • Photography: Tôru Fukushi
  • Music: Shirô Sagisu
  • Edition: Hirofumi Okuda
  • Running time: 108 min

The spectacular battle between the Evangelions, the definitive fighting machines created by humanity, and the unfathomable entities known as Angels becomes more intense until it reaches breaking point after which nothing can ever be the same again. Under the incessant invading attack, the NERV agency activates two new Eva units piloted by the mysterious Mari Illustrious Makinami and the aggressive Asuka Langley Shikinami. Meanwhile, Shinji Ikari attempts to withstand the pressure of the great destiny entrusted to him as the pilot of Eva 01 as the only chance of winning over his father's affection. However, Gendo Ikari has his own secret agenda that includes using his son and the enigmatic Rei Ayanami to awaken Eva 01 and bring about the Third Impact long before it is expected.

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