Masks (2011)

Principal Theater
Tuesday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 01
/ 19:45
En idioma original
111 minutes

Suiker (2010). Jeroen Annokkeé. Netherlands. 7 min


MASKS (2010). Andreas Marschall. Germany. 104 min

From the highly acclaimed director of Tears of Kali, winner of the Silver Méliès in 2004, Masks comes to the Horror and Fantasy Film Festival after having been hailed in all the evil forums and on all the uncontrolled websites not only as homage but also an updated version, in terms of century and Millennium, of the ever-revered Italian giallo. In more than one chat it has been commented that the lighting and staging remind people of Suspiria, Argento's master work. It is your mission to check the truth behind such a daring statement whilst we attend extreme acting classes in a Berlin school of actors (promoted by Polish heirs of Grotowski) that stretch beyond the boundaries of the Panic Theatre. It should be taken into account that Andreas, in addition to having written, directed and edited Masks and having also been responsible for putting together Soweit die Füsse tragen ("As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me") or the flight of a German soldier imprisoned in Siberia, has drawn, painted and illustrated the covers of heavy metal group disks such as Immolation, Obituary or Kreator.


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