Attack the Block (2011)

Principal Theater
Tuesday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 01
/ 22:30
En idioma original
103 minutes

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation (2010). Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuchtenberg. Germany. 15 min


ATTACK THE BLOCK (2011). Joe Cornish. UK. 88 min

They howled in Sitges on the night of its premiere, although its other essential introduction should come from the highly regarded British film magazine Sight & Sound that compared it to reviewing the best of Roger Corman, with a good dose of Carpenter, a little of Joe Dante and quite a lot of Diva, Piranha and Subway. All this without forgetting to make a charming connection between the nocturnal light created by the photography director Tom Towned and what Andrew Laszlo used to dream up for Walter Hill, apart from being blown away by Steven Price's electronic soundtrack with blasts of tunes by Basement Jaxx. Oh yes and they gave a standing ovation to the design for the aliens, who had nothing better to do than drop in from outer space to occupy Wyndtton Tower, a high rise block of council flats strategically located by the script in South London. These aliens from Mars, Venus or elsewhere in the Galaxy are like hairy gorillas with fangs that glow in the dark and a look of werewolves that have seen better days. They are going to have to fight off a gang that look a lot like worse-for-wear Goonies. Of course, the film is full of social and interplanetary satire that would make Cameron extremely nervous (David, not James).


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