Ordezko andereñoa (2007)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
Saturday, 2011(e)ko Octoberk 29
/ 12:00
Con invitación
En euskera
93 minutes

THE SUBSTITUTE (Vikaren, 2007). Ole Bornedal. Denmark. 93 min

The new sixth grade teacher has convinced her students' parents that she's the perfect teacher. However, when the classroom door closes she drops all pretence. The fact she is more evil that Snow White's step mother crossed with an orc is the least of the matter. There's something worse: she can read your mind. And there's something even worse: she doesn't seem human. And if she's not human, what's her mission on Earth? What's her reason behind taking them to a school competition in France? And, above all, how do you fight an extraterrestrial? Danish Ole Bornedal, responsible for Nattevagten and Nightwatch, its American remake, directs two of the most important actors in current Danish cinema, Paprika Steen –The Celebration, Mifune's Last Song– and Ulrich Thomsen –Brothers, In a Better World–, in this funny fantasy comedy.


Invitations: Kutxa


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