The Divide (2011)

Principal Theater
Wednesday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 02
/ 22:00
En idioma original
122 minutes

Paths of Hate (2010). Damian Nenow. Poland. 10 min 


THE DIVIDE (2010). Xavier Gens. USA. 112 min

This triumphantly inaugurated L’Étrange Festival and received standing ovations in Austin among other things because in addition to starring Rosanna Arquette, our girl from Desperately Seeking Susan and Pulp Fiction, and Michael Biehn, amazing in three of the four Alien, The Abyss and Terminator, it is directed by Xavier Gens, the dark friend from Frontier(s), plus it can boast diabolic light and camera work by Laurent Barès. And let's not forget the soundtrack by the guitarist Jean-Pierre Taieb. The French critics have gone so far as to say that it has the movement and the narrative pace that might remind us of a film by David Fincher in many shots. German commentators have shown a preference for his high range sequence shots. The public in general were hooked by the poster: "To survive you have to survive the others". That's the key. The Apocalypse has happened again, here and now. We have taken refuge in bunkers and these creatures in diving suits who look like they're part of the rescue team are massacring us one by one...


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