Grindhouse Night

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Thursday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 03
/ 00:30
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215 minutes

Never Ever Open It (2011). Damian McCarthy. Ireland. 9 min


CHILLERAMA (2011). Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, Joe Lynch. USA. 120 min

Four cinematographic segments so supremely disastrous that they'd make Ed Wood look like Orson Welles's clever brother and the Troma like Zentropa. All this squeezed and bottled into the last session of a drive-in that is going to the dogs (remember The Last Picture Show, bitte). The Chiodo brothers, famous for their killer clowns from a far away planet, manufacture a giant sperm that copulates with the Statute of Liberty and ejaculates all over the population of New York. In another chapter (in black and white) we discover that Hitler wrote The Diary of Anne Frank (apart from creating FrankenGolem). In a third chapter we find out that all LGTB associations on Earth go into ecstasies over their versions of Grease, Rebel Without a Cause and Twilight, particularly if the king of gay porn, Brent Corrigan, appears in the remake. In another one, we discover that zombies love decomposed sex. And then.... it all melts to black.

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HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (2011). Jason Eisener. Canada. 86 min

On some indelible and unavoidable website (Zombie's Closet, to be precise), we read that this great film, shot in over-saturated and hyperventilated colours, pure flesh, blood and entrails from grindhouse celluloid upholds a philosophy on Life, Death, Emptiness, Revenge and Surrender. Absolutely fabulous, some might think. It starts by yanking off a head that is blocked in an indescribable drain and goes on to show a barbecue of kids in a school bus that's worth its weight in fried meat. This movie marks the return of Rutger Hauer to the absolute underworld, his great descent into the dregs from Orion. It is directed by Jason Eisener and of course the story and his way of filming will be familiar: Hobo With a Shotgun was one of the false (yet succulent) trailers that we were offered by Grindhouse by Tarantino, Rodríguez and co.… Be careful how you use your stump to finish off the baddie.

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