The Woman (2010)

Principal Theater
Thursday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 03
/ 22:00
En idioma original
109 minutes

¡Mi burro! Esos huesos (2011). Zach Passero. USA. 7 min


THE WOMAN (2010). Lucky McKee. USA. 102 min

From the director of May and The Woods, born in Calaveras County in California, defined by The Hollywood Reporter as a repulsive, misogynous Lars von Trier with no talent (making him pretty interesting in our eyes), The Woman has dumbfounded hundreds of Argentinean spectators, knocked out half of Utah at the Sundance Festival and tells the rough and ready story of a diabolic lawyer who captures a wild woman and tries to make her "civilised" in his own way whilst driving his wife and kids to the edge. Debuted at Sitges, its horror also lies in its magically bestial soundtrack by Sean Spillane. Attacked on all sides, provocative, polemic, visibly brutal and brutalised; it's bound to be banned. Or maybe not, because anyone who didn't want to see the doll from A Serbian Film, doesn't really care about women.


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