Juan de los muertos (2011)

Principal Theater
Friday, 2011(e)ko Novemberk 04
/ 21:45
En idioma original
100 minutes

JUAN DE LOS MUERTOS  (2011). Alejandro Brugués. Spain-Cuba. 100 min

50 years have passed since the triumph of the Revolution (Cuban of course) but for La Havana's seafront and in the sugarcane harvest another one is just beginning, not controlled by the Castro brothers and of course not remote controlled by the Cubans in Miami. The people of La Havana have seen all sorts of things on this Earth, even vampires (drawn and animated by Juan Padrón), and Chávez receiving chemotherapy, but despite this and with so many saints and stuff, no one expected the Revolution of the Zombies as told by Alejandro Brugués who confesses that the second film that he peddled in his life was The Evil Dead. Politically very dangerous but more Cuban than rum, Cabrera Infante and a size 5 Montecristo cigar, it was a roaring success at the Austin Festival, has a fabulous website and demonstrates that to hunt the living dead you don't need to live in the First World; all you need is a machete, a baseball bat and a catapult. Motherland or death, comrades!


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