Troll-Hunter (2010)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
Monday, 2011(e)ko Octoberk 31
/ 19:45
En idioma original
103 minutes


TROLL-HUNTER (Trolljegeren, 2010). André Øvredal. Norway. 103 min


The trailer (stuck on the internet a little while ago after a handful of great teasers uploaded by the producers in a fabulous attempt to create an interplanetary viral effect) solidly states that: "The best film of this era is Norwegian and when you see it, you'll know why". For us, with Dead Snow still burning through our retinas and our palate, we believe it, even before tasting. Firstly, because we love the fact that a critic at Sundance (where it debuted and someone already decided that it was worth a Yankee remake) defined it as "ultra-dry Nordic humour". Secondly, because we fancied seeing trolls in all their evil splendour, deep in the woods and bloody and not acting cute like in the TV series David the gnome. Thirdly, because it sounds good that when you try and hunt them (or film them) it's best not to be Christian, given that they can smell Lutheran or Catholic blood several miles away. Fourthly, because if I were a troll I'd also polish off a handful of beardless film students who worship Michael Moore!


La película se proyectará en versión original con subtítulos en euskera.

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