Zinema heroiak
Fantasy Collectibles

zinema heroiak The fan phenomenon associated with Spanish cinema has always existed. Although it is true that up to fifteen years ago it was linked much more to vintage toys, at this moment we can say that the interest in pieces of greater value like 1:1 scale busts, statues and dioramas has increased remarkably. In this context, the most successful film franchise for these types of products is Star Wars by far, followed by Marvel and the traditional cult classics like Alien, The Godfather, Rocky and Back to the Future, among others.

This exhibit intends to illustrate some of the pieces from these franchises, where we can highlight a 1:1 scale bust of Darth Vader, a scaled replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, a selection of vintage Star Wars toys and a large number of superhero replicas and busts like Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine and Hellboy, among others.

The pieces belong to collectors Miguel Ángel Cruz and Jorge Jiménez (Kimera & Foley. Merchandising Stores).

Activities Hall of the Municipal Library
29 October – 13 November

Malakias: Torn and Bleeding Clay

The Finnish are often described as ‘forest people’. The forest is dark, mystical and unknown. A great cliché of horror cinema. Despite this, I began by filming the forest. Searching for scenes where ancient Finnish gods or signs of them can be found. Places where you can feel that time has stopped. Awareness. Beauty. In my works I combine photographs, myths and memories with clay. The clay gives a comic relief when things get too frightening and weighty. (Malakias)

malakiasTomi Malkki (a.k.a. Malakias) lives in Helsinki (Finland). He loves heavy metal and horror films. He studied animation at two schools but dropped out before finishing his studies. He obtained a diploma as an “industrial engraver” from a vocational school and also received a diploma in “metallic graphic design” from an art school. He has created four music videos for the Finnish rock band Sweatmaster. He also owns a t-shirt printing company, Venus in Mink, along with his good friend Simo Ruotsalainen. He creates modelled clay illustrations to earn a living and has some clients like the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

C. C. Okendo
29 October – 10 December

Land of the Free

land of the freeIn his series, Land of the Free, Steve Schofield takes a look at fans in their natural habitat, exploring the British people’s fascination for American popular culture and the subculture of the fandom world (fans of science fiction in this case). His work emphasizes on the depth of these fans’ fantasies and the methods they use to adopt that culture as part of they own lifestyle, manifesting a fictitious existence that helps them escape from everyday life. Schofield immortalizes them in their own homes doing everyday tasks, obtaining a surprising graphic document.

Steve Schofield was born in Oldham in 1970. He currently lives and works in London. He worked as a musical photographer before obtaining his BA in Photography from the University of Derby. Later he completed a Masters at the London College of Communication. In 2007 The Times chose him as one of the five artists to watch in the future. His work has won various awards and has been exhibited in galleries in Great Britain (including the National Portrait Gallery and Photographers’ Gallery), the United States and Europe. He publishes regularly in and outside his country.

21 October – 29 November

  • San Sebastián, ciudad de la cultura - donostiakultura.com
  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016