8th Comic-book Encounters

Pulp Visions
Vicente B. Ballestar

C. C. Okendo. October 29 – December 10

Ballestar's illustrationBeing modern without trying. To be up to date in space-time. The work of Vicente B. Ballestar (Barcelona, 1929) refers to the golden era of the comic and the fantasy novel, but what is curious is that the images appear to have been drawn today, crossing the barrier of the 21st century, following current retro trends which influence the careers of many of today's artists. The personal aesthetic of his numerous illustrations feed the vintage look adored by an audience which looks for other feelings.

Ballestar studied at the School of Arts and Trades of "La Lonja", with painter Luis Muntané, and later J. Lahosa, at the Baixas Academy, as teachers. His forte has always been painting, and the strokes made in his graphic work exhibited in Pulp Visions confirms it, merely pictorial, although it contains traces of sequential art. Considered a master of Catalonian watercolour –belonging to the Watercolour Association of Catalonia since the 50's–, he has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Spain and countries like Italy, France, Mexico and Colombia. Many awards shine in a bulging curriculum where several teaching books stand out from editorials like Planeta and RBA (Spain), Watson-Guptill (USA), Edition Michael Fischer (Germany), Bordas (France), Hernous Forlag (Denmark), Parramón (Spain), Cantecleer (Belgium)...

It is clear that the international character of the artist's work has made him a name in the field of illustrating the covers of novels and various publications generally linked to genres like horror, science fiction or the western. Pulp Visions takes a tour through his powerful images, of impeccable finish and luminous aesthetics, created to present the books of John Sinclair, and legendary mastheads linked to horror and mystery.

Pulp Visions is an exhibit of interest for lovers of paint and illustration, not necessarily staunch followers of fantasy. The attendees can view the original work of Vicente B. Ballestar, something difficult in the current digital era. Enjoy the drawer's technique, his strokes and drawing in a natural environment, unusual, despite the indispensable condition for those interested in art in general. Fans of the genre and enthusiasts of the comic strip have a great opportunity to view the original work of an artist capable of bringing other worlds to this one in sublime elegance.

It is the moment to pay tribute to a visionary, to remember his good work and to recognize his influence on subsequent creators.

Euskadi Fantastikoa VII
The beauty and the beast. Arantza Sestayo eta Rober Garay

The reason for the title of this year's exhibit does not make reference to the authors' physical attributes but rather those of the characters who fill their pages. It is difficult to find a resemblance between the beauties portrayed in Arantza Sestayo's images and the brutality of Rober Garay's grotesque characters, although they do have in common that their personal styles are unmistakable.

These two authors, with extensive careers and years of experience at their fingers, each propose exhibits in which we will quiver with the virtuosity of the drawing and the gentleness in the overflowing strokes of poetry in the case of Arantza Sestayo, and an exhibit with narrative strength, sharp colours and extreme characters in the case of Rober Garay.

Arantza Sestayo

Municipal Library. 29 October – 12 November

Sestayo's illustrationThe virtuosity in the drawing and colour are clear at the first sight of each of her pieces of work. The realism of her illustrations traps us and shows us the beauty and poetry of each element she portrays.

Author of the known book of illustration Besos Malditos (Bloody Kisses), Arantza has also worked in the comic world, children's illustrations and animation, her images have stood out because of the astonishing detail and the fascinating control over the human form, elegantly finished whether they are pencil or in marvellous colour.

Rober Garay

Príncipe Cinemas. 29 October – 4 December

Grayren ilustrazio batIt is impossible to summarize in a few lines the work of this restless author who has shared out his talent between comics, illustration, graphic design, the development of board games, promotional material, theatre set design...

His preference for gore, dark humour and splatter are very present in his work, above all in various of his comic albums where indescribable characters have come to light such as Manurro, captain Kaoporrex, Puto, Txotxolo...

He currently splits his time as best he can between the creation of the album En busca del idolo de bronce (In Search of the Bronze Idol),an exhaustively and well documented album of a historical nature on the history of the town of Bermeo, his comic saga Roque Star, which, for approximately 185 weeks, is currently being published in El Correo and his thousands of tasks related to creating illustrations.

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