A Clockwork Orange

naranjamecanica copiar


  • october 29 / 22:30 / Teatro Victoria Eugenia

UK, 1971

  • Direction: Stanley Kubrick
  • Production: Stanley Kubrick / Warner Bros. Pictures, Polaris
  • Screenplay: Stanley Kubrick
  • Photography: John Alcott
  • Music: Wendy Carlos
  • Edition: Bill Butler
  • Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Warren Clarke, Adrienne Corry
  • Running time: 137 min

Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is a young classical music fan although he also loves extreme violence. He is part of a brutal gang that can only have a good time by releasing their fury irrationally on anyone and anything unlucky enough to cross their path. But Alex is arrested by the police, turning him into a guinea pig for an experimental aversion therapy aiming to quench his insatiable appetite for destruction. Innovating, aesthetic and furious adaptation of Anthony Burgess' work by the same name, A Clockwork Orange was given an X rating when it originally came out in the United States whilst in the United Kingdom some press spoke about the film inspiring several crimes, including murder and rape.

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