Babysitting Story (2014)


Babysitting Story

Principal Theater

Sunday, 2014(e)ko Octoberk 26 / 17:00
7,40 EUR /Tickets


Belgium. Direction: Vincent Smitz. Production: Patrick Quinet / Artémis Productions. Screenplay: Vincent Smitz. Photography: Bruno Degrave. Music: Simon Fransquet. Edition: Nicolas Bier. Cast: Sophie Breyer, Pauline Brisy, Julie Dacquin, Pierre Nisse. Running time: 20 min

LANGUAGE: French / SUBTITLES: English, Spanish

One stormy night, teenagers Sarah and Julie head for an isolated house to babysit. When left alone, Sarah tells Julie a terrifying story that apparently took place in the area...

  • San Sebastián, ciudad de la cultura -
  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016