Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary

Principal Theater

Monday, 2014(e)ko Octoberk 27 / 17:00
7,40 EUR /Tickets

Japan. Direction: Keiichi Sato. Production: Masami Kurumada / Toei Animation, Bandai Namco Games, Bandai, Sanyo Bussan, Banpresto, Nextwing, Toei, Kinoshita Koumuten, Toei Video, Asatsu DK. Screenplay: Tomohiro Suzuki. Music: Yoshihiro Ike. Running time: 93 min

LANGUAGE: Japanese / SUBTITLES: Spanish

“Legend of Sanctuary” is set in our era and shows us video game style (a move that completely “threw” the fanatic Ecuadorian fans of the Knights of the Zodiac when the movie was premiered around 9 October) how Seiya saves Saori from an attack on her life and how they will join the Bronze Saints in order, very much in their part of “celestial guardians”, to bring down the Gold Saints led by the Pope. In Peru it was released on 11 September and the Sanctuary forums crackled and popped with haranguing and clattering exchanges. The posters were sold out and in Lima a couple of cinemas with 3D technology were assigned to its viewing in three dimensions by way of tribute to the Goddess Athena. The theme tune, Hero, is played in its most classical version by Yoshiki and in another, more pop this time, by... Katie Fitzgerald.

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