V/H/S VIRAL (2014)



Principal Theater

Wednesday, 2014(e)ko Octoberk 29 / 19:45
7,40 EUR /Tickets

USA. Direction: Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Nacho Vigalondo, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead. Production: Gary Binkow, Brad Miska / The Collective, Bloody Disgusting. Anthology Concept: Brad Miska. Running time: 81 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

The most furious and ill-fated fans of video tapes, horrors and heaps of fake series confess the length, breadth and depth of their websites, Facebook pages, walls, twitter accounts and blogs that they can’t find one single aspect to criticise in this third instalment. They consider the segment by Vigalondo to be the most conceptual and wise, a perfect turn of the screw to Timecrimes (2007). The one by Bishop (the sketch on the magician), a joke packed with invention. The short story about the skaters confronted with a bunch of zombies, a glorious squawk, and the atmosphere, a foul and zitty delight that has already made V/H/S Viral into the great trending topic of the season. We just love the ice cream van and understand that the majority has given this movie 85 points out of 100 in the networking sites.

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