Cockneys Vs Zombies

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Monday, 2012(e)ko Octoberk 29 / 19:45
7,30 EUR /Tickets

UK. Direction: Matthias Hoene. Production: James Harris, Mark Lane / The Tea Shop and Film Company. Screenplay: James Moran. Photography: Daniel Bronks. Music: Jody Jenkins. Edition: Neil Farrell, John Palmer. Cast: Harry Treadaway, Rasmus Hardiker, Michelle Ryan, Ashley “Bashy” Thomas, Jack Doolan, Tony Gardner. Running time: 88 min


The inhabitants of London’s East End, neighbours of Jack the Ripper, the Notting Hill carnival-goers have already spent a couple of movies saving their beloved city from an attack by forces more powerful than any death eater, or the self-same Voldemort. Are we perhaps referring to that strange virus that has been dormant for centuries in a tomb dating back to 1666 which will finally infect anything that breathes and turn them into zombies? Of course not. We’re talking about the vomit-inducing bankers who want to demolish the local old folks’ home. Our heroes will take them on. But it turns out their mates down the pub have turned into bags of dead meat that walk and are, as per tradition, very hungry indeed... The film enjoyed fearsome success in London because its characters would be perfect to take with you to pintxo pote (cheaper-price tapa/drink combo) on Thursdays, because the script is soaked in beer and humour (sometimes subtle, at others dirty and roly-poly) and because two out of every three dialogues deserve upload to Wikiquote. The best bit? The delightful balance between gore and laughs.

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