The Centrifuge Brain Project (2011)


The Centrifuge Brain Project

Principal Theater

Wednesday, 2014(e)ko Octoberk 29 / 17:00
7,40 EUR /Tickets

Germany. Direction: Till Nowak. Production: Till Nowak. Screenplay: Till Nowak. Photography: Iván Robles Mendoza. Music: Moritz Friedrich Siriusmo, Sergio García, Francesco Rivero. Edition: Till Nowak. Cast: Leslie Barany. Running time: 6 min


The Centrifuge Brain Project began in the 1970s. Following work by other researchers aiming to find out the influence of kids' play parks over children's learning, the ICR (Institute for Centrifugal Research) in Florida decides to widen the study and find out if fair rides have a positive influence on the brain capacity of adult human beings.

  • San Sebastián, ciudad de la cultura -
  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016