Shock Value: The Movie

Principal Theater

Saturday, 2014(e)ko Novemberk 01 / 16:30
7,40 EUR /Tickets

USA. Presentation: USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, DKA Films. Direction: Charles Adair, John Carpenter, Dan O’Bannon, Terence Winkless. Photography: Caroline Diliberto, Alec Lorimore, Jim Veilleux, Joanne Willens. Cast: Mary Burkin, Jerry Cox, Kathy Maynard, Dan O’Bannon, Andy Pahich. Running time: 80 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

In this fascinating feature-length horror anthology, archivist Dino Everett proves that USC students O’Bannon, John Carpenter and others began redefining the horror genre while at the School of Cinematic Arts in the 1970s. Using New York Times writer Jason Zinoman’s book Shock Value as inspiration, USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive archivist Dino Everett assembled a feature-length compilation of SCA student works from the late ’60s and ’70s entitled.

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