Shin Godzilla

Principal Theater

Saturday, 2016 October 29 / 19:45
7,50 EUR /Tickets


Japan. Direction: Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi. Production: Yoshihiro Sato, Masaya Shibusawa, Taichi Ueda, Kazutoshi Wadakura / Toho Pictures. Screenplay: Hideaki Anno. Photography: Kosuke Yamada. Music: Shiro Sagisu. Edition: Hideaki Anno, Atsuki Sato. Cast: Hironori Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, Satomi Ishihara, Ren Ohsugi, Akira Emoto. Running time: 120 min

LANGUAGE: Japanese / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Since the first time the huge radioactive, mutant saurian appeared on screen in 1954, representing atomic terror and becoming the leader of kaijus in Japanese cinema, very few remakes have been so decidedly political, scientific, molecular and strategic than this one, filmed after we have already learned the gene code for monsters, gods, humans and beasts. It is filmed, not nine years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but five years after the nuclear accident in Fukushima and the earthquake and tsunami without equal that devastated Eastern Japan. A spot-on film, it speaks of divinities, ambitions and how many pages in the annals of History have been turned without healing wounds.

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