Hileta (2016)



Principal Theater

Thursday, 2016 November 03 / 17:00
7,50 EUR /Tickets

Basque Country. Direction: Kepa Sojo. Production: Sonia Pacios / Kuttuna Filmak. Screenplay: Kepa Sojo. Photography: Gorka Gómez Andreu. Music: Fernando Velázquez. Edition: Josu Trocaola. Cast: Kandido Uranga, Itziar Atienza, Mikel Losada, Martxelo Rubio, Jose Kruz Gurrutxaga, Josean Bengoetxea. Running time: 20 min


In a Basque village in 1925, they are holding a wake for young Inge, the wife of Mikel Martikorena, who suddenly passed away. Everyone in the village comes to pay their respects, but the family patriarch is only concerned about his missing middle son, Joanes, who is wandering around the mountain, preaching about the resurrection of the dead.

  • San Sebastián, ciudad de la cultura - donostiakultura.eus
  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016