Into the Mud (2016)


Into the Mud

Principal Theater

Thursday, 2016 November 03 / 17:00
7,50 EUR /Tickets

Spain. Direction: Pablo Pastor. Production: Pablo Pastor. Screenplay: Pablo Pastor. Photography: Víctor J. Alvarado. Music: Roly Witherow. Edition: Víctor J. Alvarado. Cast: María Forqué, Ramón del Pomar. Running time: 10 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish / SUBTITLES: English

A young girl wakes up naked in the middle of a forest. After her initial bewilderment and seeing that she is wounded, she discovers her attacker, a hunter who is reluctant to let his new prey escape.

  • San Sebastián, ciudad de la cultura -
  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016