LOFT (Rofuto, 2005)



Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Monday, 2016 October 31 / 22:00
7,50 EUR /Tickets

Japan. Direction: Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Production: Atsuyuki Shimoda / Channel Neko. Screenplay: Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Photography: Akiko Ashizawa. Music: Gary Ashiya. Edition: Masahiro Onaga. Cast: Miki Nakatani, Etsushi Toyokawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Yumi Adachi, Sawa Suzuki. Running time: 115 min

LANGUAGE: Japanese / SUBTITLES: Basque

Reiko is a successful romance-story writer who began her career at a young age, and is now undergoing a depression that is keeping her from finishing her latest project. Her editor encourages to go live in an isolated mansion located near a forest to relax and finish it. But it is not going to be so easy. An archaeologist, a thousand-year-old mummy, a woman gone missing in the house some time before, a ghost... all threaten her peace of mind, and ever her life. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a point of reference in contemporary Japanese fantasy –Charisma (1999), Pulse (2000), Creepy (2016)– has directed one of his most terrifying films.

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