"The Mistery Lighthouse" exhibition at the 2016 Horror Festival

El Faro del Misterio

Santa Clara island is the emblem of the Mystery Lighthouse. Always visible, always idyllic, picture-postcard perfect. But beneath its shiny silhouette lies a long shadow of disease, war and death. They even say that some summer nights a strange light can be seen flashing near the beach. A source of light that moves slowly, at walking pace. And then, looking through the archives, we learn about the drama of a lighthouse keeper who, on the night of 22nd August 1933, having fallen seriously ill, did everything he could to attract the attention of the coast, seeking help. But they didn't make it in time. And the lighthouse keeper died from a perforated intestine.

We know that photographs exist of these strange lights and of many other mysterious occurrences. That's why The Mystery Lighthouse starts the summer with a competition. We're looking for strange photos, with a paranormal touch, and we'll give a prize to the most mysterious of them all. But these images will also be put together on the Mystery Mural, to go on display in the Crypt during the Horror Film Festival. Because this year the Crypt exhibition will be the Mystery Lighthouse.

It's easy to participate in the competition: simply upload your photo to Twitter with the hashtag #misterio2016. Meanwhile, the Lighthouse team will spend the summer collecting evidence and organising a series of hackathons at which the official Lighthouse video game will be created. They'll also head for a number of places in search of parapsychological activities, using the technology created during the summer. And they'll even create a virtual reality short film. The results can all be seen and experienced at the Mystery Lighthouse exhibition, in the Crypt. Where else?

This programme of activities falls within the San Sebastian 2016 line entitled Conversations.

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  • Donsotiako Udala / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián
  • Donostia - San Sebastián 2016