Donostia Kultura
Donostiako Udala



Principal Theater Wednesday, 2017 November 1 / 19:30 7,50 € Tickets

Spain. Direction: Pintó & Caye. Production: Norbert Llaràs / Alhena Production. Screenplay: Pintó & Caye. Photography: Miquel Prohens. Music: Francesc Guzmán. Edition: Jordi López, Pintó & Caye. Cast: Eduardo Antuña, Itziar Castro, Boris Ruiz, David Pareja, Emilio Gavira. Running time: 90 min


We thought Nietzsche had already sent him to the other world, but he’s still alive and prowling around the house where a couple (who have one or two skeletons of their own in their sentimental wardrobes), plus his brother and father, have chosen to spend New Year’s Eve. The place is stacked to the gunnels with hunting trophies, portraits of impossible ancestors and other mental stuff. If the directors of this joyous existentialist movie of tremendous bravura are the fabulous authors of Nada S. A. (2014) and RIP (2017), the actors worked in Camino (2008), Julia’s Eyes (2010), Snow White (2012), Magical Girl (2014) and Skins (2017).

Araña Araña