Donostia Kultura
Donostiako Udala

Defuncionario (2017)


Principal Theater Thursday, 2017 November 2 / 17:00 7,50 € Tickets

Direction: Wiro Berriatúa. Production: Zoe Berriatúa / La Bestia Produce. Screenplay: Wiro Berriatúa. Photography: Wiro Berriatúa. Music: Arturo Gallo Krahe. Edition: Wiro Berriatúa. Cast: César Camino, Pedro Casablanc, Diana Peñalver, Javier Gurruchaga, Teresa Rabal. Running time: 17 min


Alberto is almost-dead. But there’s just one little "problem". A mistake has sent him to Administrative Limbo too soon. And if he wants to get back to his body, he needs to do so as quickly as possible. But first, he’ll have to negotiate the bureaucracy and its functionaries.

Araña Araña