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The Final Girls present WE ARE THE WEIRDOS


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Thursday, 2017 November 2 / 19:30 7,50 € Tickets

The Final Girls is a London-based film collective exploring the intersection between horror films and feminism which aspires to further the representation and work of women in the genre, both before and behind the camera. Here they present an anthology of short films directed by women.


Dead. Tissue. Love (2017). Natasha Austin-Green. UK. 10 min

Intimate experimental documentary exploring the figure of a young female necrophile.

Don't Think of a Pink Elephant (2017). Suraya Raja. UK. 7 min

A teenager fights daily against upsetting urges and compulsions.

I Should Have Run (2016). Gabriela Staniszewska. UK. 4 min

A woman encounters something strange and terrifying on her way home one night.

I Want You Inside Me (2016). Alice Shindelar. USA. 13 min

Determined to lose her virginity, CJ plans a seduction.

A Mother of Monsters (2017). Julia Zanin de Paula. Brazil. 9 min

A young girl seduced by a circus troupe finds herself in danger.

Pulse (2017). Becki Pantling. UK. 6 min

Supernatural morality tale about a married man looking for an online tryst.

The Puppet Man (2017). Jacqueline Castel. USA. 9 min

A killer stalks a young woman and her friends in this homage to 80s horror films with score and cameo appearance by John Carpenter.

Shortcut (2016). Prano Bailey-Bond. UK. 5 min

A tale of karma drenched in blood.

Sorry, We're Closed (2016). Alexis Makepeace. Canada. 6 min

Charlotte curiously observes the disagreeable behaviour of the men who frequent her late night diner.

Undress Me (2016). Amelia Moses. Canada. 13 min

A socially awkward university student begins to experience an obvious physical deterioration after a frat party.

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