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The Osiris Child
Principal Theater Sunday, 2017 October 29 / 22:30 7,50 € Tickets

Australia. Direction: Shane Abbess. Production: Matthew Graham, Brett Thornquest, Sidonie Abbene, Shane Abbess / Storm Alley Entertainment, Eclectik Vision, Phonetic Images. Screenplay: Shane Abbess. Photography: Carl Robertson. Music: Brian Cachia. Edition: Adrian Rostirolla. Cast: Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Isabel Lucas, Luke Ford, Teagan Croft. Running time: 99 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Sci-Fi Ozzy style. Dry. Metallic. Deserted. Unforgiving. Directed by someone with excellent knowledge of the genre’s literary and film keys who, without subverting them, is definitely ready to give them a turn of the screw. We’re in an interstellar prison and, as the rules would have it, something is about to stop working and someone will have to join the ranks of their enemies to try and save the others. Packed with powerfully intense characters (the leading girl, the couple of outcasts/squatters who become beings of pure celluloid in the lorry scenes) and edited al dente, it will become a dystopic and even Mad-Max-style interplanetary reference. The ending anticipates that this girl will grow up... furious.

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