Donostia Kultura
Donostiako Udala



Principal Theater Thursday, 2017 November 2 / 19:30 7,50 € Tickets

Spain. Direction: Sadrac González-Perellón. Production: Javier Aguayo, Diego Rodríguez, Helena Altabàs / Assalam Films. Screenplay: Sadrac González-Perellón. Photography: Iván Romero. Music: Sergio Ramis. Edition: Marta Fernández-Cañaveral. Cast: Lowena McDonell, Julian Nicholson, Haydée Lysander, Marc Puiggener, Will Hudson. Running time: 105 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

A girl who’s mum has died lives with a man she hates, her dad. Her home is a house of weird yet suggestive architecture. She lives there deep in the thick forest concealing a black and prophetic cube. Her life revolves around trying to get used to her new robotic arm and talking to her dog, who answers her through a machine that processes his words. The house is visited by twin creatures, bruised, terrified... That much we can tell you. We recommend that you concentrate on Iván Romero’s magnificent camera and on the enormously fine colouring work applied during the post-production process to this winner of the Jury Prize at the Bucheon Festival. Directed by the co-author of Myna se va (2009), winner of awards in Austin and Georgia.

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