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Theda's Vamp – Medicine Show

theda bara

Crossing the oceans of time since the dawn of the 20th century, Theda Bara’s mysterious performance comes to town. A show of myths and legends with a solution to solve each and every one of the ailments that besiege our lovely city once and for all.

Because our circus brings a cure, an ointment and a secret treatment. A cure, indeed, for all afflictions that torment the body and soul. A single cure for all ailments is what we sell. And the price isn’t too bad either, for such a fabulous remedy...

And no, don’t think this is just a crude fantasy, like so many others. Theda Bara’s Medicine Show holds the key to true eternal life. Yep, you read correctly, eternal life. All you have to do is take a small step...

Roll up, roll up for our obscure show! And pay careful and delightful attention to the wise advice of Theda, our adored master of ceremonies. You won’t get another chance. This is her only performance in the city!

Oh, great Theda!, forgotten movie myth. First vamp from which all others were born. Absolute star of 43 movies, with a sad ending. Because almost all of your celluloid burned to ashes in a fire...

But our carnival of lost souls doesn’t forget you and we honour you with a double exhibition:

  • Tents. From 17:00. Vampire workshops for the whole family. Learn how to make your skin as pale as Theda’s, to create your own potions for eternal life, and even how to build your own coffin (pocket-sized of course).

  • Stage. From 18:00. Live music performances combined with theatre. A great show where we’ll tell you all about Theda’s life and miracles. And don’t miss our collaborative fanzine with the secret recipe of how to become a real vamp. Performers will include the group from Uruguay, Ojos del cielo, who return to the Festival after years of absence.

Music Stand, Boulevard
28 October
17:00: Workshops
18:00: Live shows

Super Amara San Martín
28 October
17:00: Theda's Skeleton Show

Araña Araña