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What Keeps You Alive
Principal Theater Sunday, 2018 October 28 / 22:30 7,50 € Tickets

Canada. Direction: Colin Minihan. Production: Kurtis David Harder, Chris Ball, Ben Knechtel, Colin Minihan / Digital Interference. Screenplay: Colin Minihan. Photography: David Schuurman. Music: Brittany Allen. Edition: Colin Minihan. Cast: Hannah Emily Anderson, Brittany Allen, Martha MacIsaac, Sarah Joey Klein, Charlotte Lindsay Marron, Charlotte Lindsay Marron. Running time: 99 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

We marry anyone without checking whether or not they have a certain hidden tendency to kill their partners. And we celebrate our wedding anniversary in the forest. Not knowing what happened to our loving girlfriend's previous wife. Not suspecting, as they say in this Canadian movie, that there's always a devil inside someone. You. Or her. Well, at least we've made a movie. Directed by Colin Minihan, winner at Sitges 2016 of the Midnight X-Treme section award with his It Stains the Sands Red. Brittany Allen is not only one of the two artists who keep the pulse and blood of the film pumping. She also produced it and composed the soundtrack. The other protagonist carries it in the genes of her filmography: she was a contracting party of Saw VIII (2017) and of the series "The Purge" (2018-).

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