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LABAN, MAMU TXIKIA (Lilla spöket Laban, 2006)


Laban, mamu txikia
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Saturday, 2018 November 3 / 17:30

With invitation

Children's Euskaraz

Invitations: Kontadores

Sweden. Direction: Alicja Jaworski, Karin Nilsson, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin. Running time: 45 min

Laban, a little ghost, lives with his family in Morningsun Castle. He wants to frighten people like his father, but fails, no matter how hard he tries. The Castle is occupied by a royal family, and the young Prince Mischief, with his little dog Rufus, are Laban's best friends. What's most important is that our little ghost is afraid of the dark.


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