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War of fanzines

fanzinesThird edition of the legendary Fanzine War, where a variety of publications bring out special issues dedicated to the Horror Festival and compete for the favour of the audience at the Principal Theatre. In collaboration with the Desktop Publishing Corner at Ubik, Tabakalera Creation Library, and FNAC.

Preparatory workshop with Alazne Zubizarreta
Electric storm and monstrous fanzines

Like the electric storm that brought life to the monster Frankenstein and his girlfriend, lightening will streak right into the Desktop Publishing Corner of Ubik to provide us with illumination for creating mind-blowing fanzines. Combining sizes, paper types and formats, you’ll learn new binding techniques and work on the production of special formats for your fanzines. You’ll develop three layouts breaking away from the typical desktop publishing configuration, without straying from the options offered by paper and staples.

You’ll learn how to use different materials, including how to fold the paper, and about fasteners, screws and centrefolds. You’ll also have the chance to adapt the idea and create your own hybrid version; a small fanzine/object that you’ll fill with the content of our choice, analogue or digital.

Come along and soak up the energy while inventing your own “creature”.

Ubik, Tabakalera Creation Library
October 24 / 18:00

Araña Araña