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zinemalZinemal Movies starting with Z discussed by Axel Casas and Ronquete

From the darkest, dustiest corners of their video shop, Axel Casas and Ronquete bring us terrifically revolting and entertaining movies. Filthy titles which have become cult classics over the years, and not precisely for their quality. Flicks which have passed the barrier of the downright grim, to have gone as far as to become something we could now almost consider as good.

This time round they offer us Cy Warrior (Cyborg – Il guerriero d'acciaio, 1989), a sort of cheap Italianesque Terminator certain to delight the most voracious of movie buffs. Loads of cyborg casas and action, loads of fantasy technology and, above all, loads of laughs. All broadcast live by Axel Casas and Ronquete.

Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, because the first session of Zinemal is about to begin.

La Cripta (Covent Garden)
October 24 / 19:45
4 € (with drink)

Araña Araña