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Virtual Reality and Horror Showcase

Campfire Creepers: Midnight March


A selection of short films made in recent years using virtual reality techniques will be screened during the first days of the Festival at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, in the multipurpose room of the Plaza Okendo. On display among others will be works directed by big-name filmmakers in the genre, such as Alexandre Aja and Nacho Vigalondo.

Curator: Zacarías de Santiago Areizaga


An Obituary (2017). Jean Yoon. South Korea

Campfire Creepers: Skull of Sam (2018). Alexandre Aja. USA

Campfire Creepers: Midnight March (2018). Alexandre Aja. USA

Mule (2016). Director: Guy Shelmerdine. USA

The Spacewalker (2018). Alexander Gorokhov. Rusia

The Peeler (2017). Harrison Norris. Australia

Kobold (2018). Max Sacker. Germany

Talismán (2017). Carlos Therón. Spain

Ceremony (2016). Nacho Vigalondo. Spain

Dinner Party (2018). Ángel Manuel Soto Puerto Rico-USA

Halcyon (2016). Benjamin Arfmann. USA

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