HAIL SATAN? (2019)


Hail Satan?
Tabakalera Saturday, 2019 November 2 / 19:00 / 95' 3,50 € Tickets

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USA. Direction: Penny Lane. Production: Gabriel Sedgwick / Hard Working Movies. Photography: Naiti Gámez. Music: Brian McOmber. Edition: Amy Foote, Aaron Wickenden.

Documenting the extraordinary rise of the most flamboyant and controversial religious movements in US history, Hail Satan? is the new documentary from director Penny Lane. Members of the so-called The Satanic Temple organise a series of public protests intended to defend religious freedom and condemn corrupt authorities, proving that all it takes is one idea, a witty sense of humour and a few rebellious friends to stand up to power in a range of ways.

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