ALFONBRA MAGIKOA (Hodja fra Pjort, 2018)


Alfonbra magikoa
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Saturday, 2019 October 26 / 12:00

With invitation

Children's Euskaraz

Invitations: Super Amara / Teatro Victoria Eugenia (ticket office) (October 19th)

Danemark. Direction: Karsten Kiilerich. Production: Anders Mastrup, Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson / M&M Productions, A. Film, Danmarks Radio, Det Danske Filminstitut. Screenplay: Karsten Kiilerich. Photography: Niels Grønlykke. Music: Halfdan E, Sebastian. Edition: Hans Perk. Running time: 81 min.


A story from A Thousand and One Nights about a child from a village who, along with his faithful goat and with the help of a flying carpet and a girl living on the streets of the big city, manages to travel the world and defeat his enemies: a sultan in search of power, two hungry alligators and an unscrupulous villain...

Araña Araña