Kresala (2019)


Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Sunday, 2019 October 27 / 19:30

Belgium-Spain. Direction: June Laka. Production: June Laka, Greet Busselot / Noise Studioa, LUCA School of Arts. Screenplay: June Laka. Photography: Matthieu Raulic. Edition: Hugo Amoedo, June Laka. Cast: Ander Lizarazu, Florentino Legorburu. Running time: 15 min.


Txiki, 11 years old, lives in a fisherman's town. To escape from the daily routine, Txiki spends the day at his grandfather house, an old fisherman that claims to have seawater running down his veins. Fascinated by this mysterious stories, Txiki decide to discover the secrets of the sea by himself.

Araña Araña