Two Bodies on a Beach (2019)


Two Bodies on a Beach
Principal Theater Sunday, 2019 October 27 / 22:30

Finland. Direction: Anna Paavilainen. Production: Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff / Bufo. Screenplay: Anna Paavilainen, Laura Birn. Photography: Jarmo Kiuru. Music: Kasperi Laine. Edition: Tuuli Alanärä. Cast: Laura Birn, Rea Mauranen, Tommi Korpela, Lauri Maijala. Running time: 20 min.

LANGUAGE: Finnish / SUBTITLES: Spanish, English

A woman wakes up on a beach tied in a plastic press wearing only underwear and high heels. "Not again", she sighs and decides to track down the enemy and strike back. She gets a companion from a woman who has been pushed to the borders of society.

Araña Araña