Yo, monstruo (2019)


Yo, monstruo
Principal Theater Tuesday, 2019 October 29 / 17:00

Spain.  Direction: Paco Ruiz. Production: Vibha D.M., Mario DC Carbajosa / Mango Lassi Productions. Screenplay: Paco Ruiz. Photography: Pepe de la Rosa. Music: Jesús Calderón. Edition: Juan Gabriel García. Cast: Tony Corvillo, Daniel Horvath. Running time: 15 min.

LANGUAGE: English, Spanish / SUBTITLES: Spanish

This is the story of a monster who is not a monster. The testimony of a disguised human being, a method actor specialized in these roles. He has made more than fifty films playing every kind of unimaginable being. During his whole filmography, he has killed a hundred human characters.

Araña Araña