AMIGO (2019)


Principal Theater Wednesday, 2019 October 30 / 19:30 7,50 € Tickets

Spain. Direction: Óscar Martín. Production: Elena Muñoz / El Ojo Mecánico. Screenplay: Javier Botet, David Pareja, Óscar Martín. Photography: Alberto Morago Muñoz. Music: Manú Conde. Edition: Emilio González. Cast: Javier Botet, David Pareja, Patricia Estremera, Esther Gimeno, Alfonso Mendiguchia.  Running time: 85 min.


Óscar Martín is the director of this sickly, unwholesome, stinking, rusty film about shared evil secrets. The story is about a man taking care of a friend in a big house (do we need to add that it is in the middle of nowhere, this time from the furious winter) who has been left in a bad way following an accident . "What a nice guy!", you think. But wait a bit more and you'll see. Wait till you see the poor guy crawl down the stairs, deformed and skeletal... wait to hear the weather reports...

Araña Araña